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Welcome to Precious Plastic LA!

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Hello all! Welcome to the Precious Plastic Youth LA website! We've transferred to this website from our original blog, which you can access here. We've recently revamped our precious plastic project and are striving towards new goals with bigger, bolder plans. Our plan has radically changed since we first started this project in 2019, with the a shift in focus towards environmental education for youth.

We plan on buying a plastic machine from the Sea Monkeys Project and regularly bringing it to different schools to allow students to gain a better understanding of recycling and sustainability. We think hands on experiences are the best ways to learn, so students will be able to recycle their own plastic waste to create usable products they can keep.

To do this, we're currently applying to the LA2050 Grant, a $100,000o competition for organization hoping to make Los Angeles a better place by the year 2050. Winning the monetary prize as well as the support and resources of the city would be fantastic for the longevity and expansion of the project, so we hope all goes well.

In the meantime we've also started a GoFundMe page to raise funds so we can get the program started before the LA2050 Grant winners are announced. Any support would be incredibly appreciated!


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