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Philippines Outreach Talks!

Hello all! Lana here, just wanted to share some exciting news! This week we had talks at eight elementary/high schools in the Philippines on sustainability. It was really great to have this outreach and show our project while engaging with students.

The first talk was with Tay Tung high school, through their Istorya Youth Empowerment Symposium attended by hundreds of students. Many of the students were high-schoolers, and I felt very connected as I answered their questions and engaged with their unique perspectives. Afterwards we spoke at the Regional Climate Change Caravan 2021, which was screened on the remote Olango Island. Outreach groups have been working with Olango Island in the process of making eco-bricks, upcycled construction bricks made from used plastic, so they were already very acquainted with upcycling and had some great thoughts on the precious plastic project.

Thank you to the Seed4Com and the Lapu Lapu City Department of Education for the Certificate of Recognition, I had a great time!

Check out a recording of the presentation, complete with a video demo of how the machine works!

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